Friday, November 26, 2004

Rip Off Britain

Can anybody tell me why in this country we have to pay an extortionate amount for everyday consumables, which in other countries, are pitched at a far more reasonble price?

I was first made aware of this legal rip-off in the eighties when I was made aware that the new car that I had worked hard and saved for years for was selling at Belgium car dealers forecourts more than 2000 pounds less.

So much for the "Common Market'' as it was then known. There have many other instances of this corporate greed over the years.

Now I find that 20 years later, the practice is as rife as ever when I pay 99 pence to download a music track from Napster (along with virtually all similar companies) in the bitter knowledge that if I was downloading in practically any other country of the world I would be paying almost half!